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ASN File Integration Capabilities

After integrating your data into our system you will have access to our Client Portal, which allows you to track shipments, get shipment details and pull reports to help manage your business. Our system is capable of producing:

  • Over and Short reports
  • Service Level reports
  • Route specific details
  • Quick and detailed billing
    and can reduce data entry errors


Real Time Tracking and Order Delivery Notifications

Online real time tracking and automated notifications shape the customer experience and even your brand’s reputation.
Medical suppliers and high tech companies are among the GILL LOGISTICS customers that rely on our innovative tracking, delivery scheduling and automatic notifications to manage their deliveries.


Industry Leader in Technology

Our Technology Affiliate, Office To Go & Business Solutions is a full-line computer service group that offers cutting-edge technology solutions for business. They helped create and develop Portal into what it is today, and have proven to be an invaluable partner in insuring Gill Logistics stays ahead of the technological curb.

We’ve been using Portal since 1998 for all of our scanning, tracking and electronic POD needs. It’s a software package that has proven the test of time and continues to provide us with the best solutions for our clients.

Key Features & Flexibility

  • Real-time POD
  • Online order entry
  • Online package tracking
  • Reports
  • Intuitive User Interface