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We start by thoroughly analyzing our client’s data, in an effort to understand any unique needs and objectives.

Once we have an idea of the scope of work, our professional managers create a custom solution that fits your operational and budgetary goals. From our ability to present integrated shipping options through our delivery network, to dedicated route planning, Gill Logistics will present a reliable and cost effective distribution plan.


Online Access to Shipments

Gill Logisticis provides a secure log-in that takes you to
your Client Portal, which gives you the ability to place new orders,
pull reports and get electronic POD information from our secure servers.

Online real-time tracking and notifications

Our customers rely on our innovative tracking, scheduling
and automatic notifications for managing deliveries.

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Over 100,000 sq. ft. of Warehouse

If you require storage between shipments, a pick-and-pack operation, or an emergency supply warehousing station, Gill Logistics can offer varying storage solutions to fit your needs.


Emergency Supply Storage?

Get access to  a Centralized Florida Facility for Quick Distribution of Supplies

With 30,000 sq. ft. in Orlando, many of our customers have seen the benefit of a centralized emergency supply storage location for their retail stores and offices in Florida, the southeastern states and the gulf coast.  Orlando provides a solution to get emergency supplies to hurricane zones quickly.

Local Expertise

Our extensive knowledge of Florida and the southeast gives us a unique advantage when logistics preparations are needed in emergency situations. With our current line haul network, which traverses the state on a nightly basis, we may have the flexibility to accommodate emergency space in an existing run, or provide dedicated solutions to get these supplies to where you need them.


With the ability to scan inbound freight at our warehouse, we can match unique barcodes to our client’s integrated shipment data and quickly identify any short or overages we receive.


We scan each package as it’s loaded onto a vehicle for delivery. We compare our scans to our client’s shipment data and quickly identify if a package hasn’t been loaded or is loaded onto an incorrect route. The load scan feature allows us to identify mis-sorts before they leave our warehouse.


Upon reaching the delivery point, each package is scanned to verify the correct package is being delivered, and to capture the delivery details by our system. You can then log into our Client Portal and view shipment details to verify signature, time of delivery and other POD details.